2019 Game and Rules

FIRST Launch 2019: Destination Deep Space

2019 Game Animation

As usual, the competition places two alliances composed of three teams each against each other in an all out battle of science and technology. This year brings much of the common qualities of FIRST, but now in space! Teams compete against each other to secure cargo in rockets and cargo ships across the field, all while trying to overcome unique engineering obstacles in the newest FIRST challenge: Deep Space.

A stark difference opens up FIRST matches this year, with autonomous being replaced with the all new “sandstorm.” A black curtain is brought down in front of the driver stations to prevent the teams from seeing the field, and must rely on either a traditional pre-programmed autonomous mode or new vision system to operate. Afterward, the Sandstorm curtain is lifted and the 2:15 teleop begins. During the teleop period, robots are tasked with transporting “hatch panels” and cargo to both Rockets and Cargo Ships to gain points and potentially ranking points to advance their place in the rankings. The alliances must place as many hatch panels and cargo in their rockets/cargo ships as possible before time runs out. By the end of the match, if a team’s robot is able to climb to one of three raised platforms in their “HAB Zone” at the end of the field, this can potentially earn them extra ranking points before the next sandstorm arrives.

Written by Smeet, Molly, Jacob, and Olivia, Students on Team 126