Calendar Raffle Winners!

Congratulations to the March Calendar Raffle winners!

Check back weekly to see if you’ve won.

March 1st: Mrs. Reinertson $25
2nd: Enrique Sanchez $50
3rd: Timothy McGinn $50
4th: Mr. Della Valle $25
5th: Crystal McNamara $25
6th: Kyle Cupertino $25
7th: Gail Mailholt $25
8th: Cynthia Holmes: $25
9th: Stephanie Tencati: $50
10th: Mr. Ogborn: $50
11th: Tom O’Connell: $25
12th: Paul Moran: $25
13th: Nicole Floria: $25
14th: Beth Tringali: $25
15th: Linda Parker: $25
16th: Crystal McNamara: $50
17th: Hayley Ford: 50″ HDTV sold by Erik Bater

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