An Update

It’s been a while since we’ve competed at WPI and we’ve made some important changes to the bot! At WPI, we realized our cube intake system was not efficient so we added a four wheel roller system. This new system allows us to pick up cubes faster and we don’t need to be precisely lining up to intake a cube.

We added the new roller system to our practice bot and the drive team has been hard at work learning the new controls. We may be bias, but they’re driving and operating have improved immensly! Check it out:

We’ll be using this desin at the Bryant University competition this weekend! Check back in a day to see where you can watch us compete!

Finishing Prototypes

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January 19 & 20, 2018

Prototype week has come to an end and the groups have finished building. We’ve decided on a levitating system, building off an idea from a previous robot and using a similar concept. The lift will be an arm that starts collapsed at the base of the robot and extends upwards at an angle and can be further elevated by extending the arm outward. The arm will be able to pull itself up by hooking itself to the bar or the side of the platform and reversing the outward and upward extensions of the arm. Once the robot is officially built, a video will be provided to show this concept further.

In other news, the grabbing prototypes are complete and a design will be picked shortly. The controls team (the brains behind the functionality of the robot) has gotten an old mecanum base working and can start coding and programing aspects of the future robot using the old system.

This week, the team will be working on CADing the robot, along with building the field, practice driving, writing awards and scholarships, and various other smaller details.

Let the Prototyping Begin!


January 15, 2018

The prototypes have begun and mentors and students are working together to create elements of the robot. In the picture above, mentor Keith Howlett is working with a group of girls, demonstrating techniques to build their prototype. For the team, the involvement of both mentors and students alike is important. For the students to learn, the mentors direct them or show them the proper methods before trying their hand at it, this is to ensure the safety of the students and to make the learning experience positive and less frustrating.

We are also proud of all the girls and women who help and participate on our team. We want to show our community that girls and boys can build a robot and that it is through teamwork that things get done.