February 21, 2o17- Bag and Tag!

Happy Bag and Tag day! We were so excited to be able to present the 2017 robot to family and Nypro employees today! The team has really come together this season to produce a great robot. We want to thank Jabil/Nypro for their support and work space, as well as all the dedicated teachers, Nypro volunteers, and community volunteers that have made this build season flow so nicely. Now onto competition season!


February 19, 2017

As the last weekend comes to a close, its a race against time! Our programming team was hard at work wiring up all our motors to the control board so the finished machine can be run by the operators. Should have some great footage of the finished product shortly. We took a break from all the hard work and had some Pizza for lunch. Then…back to work!

February 18, 2017

Crunch Time!!!! With the last weekend to put together the robot everyone is working overtime! Its amazing to see all the hard work come together. Solid BBQ lunch thanks to Mr. Morrison. Some video of us practicing driving the machine base as well as some pics of the build and the great BBQ lunch!

February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day! With the last week of machine build in full swing, all efforts are focused on putting our design concepts to work. Its time to make theory meet the cruel world of reality as concepts will be tweaked, improved, or abandoned based on how it actually works. Had a chance to see how the controls are working on our ‘mock up’ design base in the video below. Pictured is our work on the actual drive base thus far.

February 11, 2017

We didn’t let the snow stop us from building! After about 12″ of snow, Gael Force continues to work as the build season is coming to a close. Today we’ve been working on making Valentines Cards for the elderly in between building the robot and working on our Business Partnerships (students contact local businesses to support our team).