Rhode Island District Event 2018

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March 26, 2018

We had an amazing time at the Rhode Island District Event, thank you to all the volunteers and to NE FIRST for all their work in setting it up and running the event!

After the WPI District Event, we went home and thought about the changes we needed to make not only to the robot, but to the data and strategy we collect from watching other teams as well as ways to get more spirited in the stands. Turns out, all of the hard work paid off! We ended the qualifying matches ranked 12th out of 41 teams and we were picked by the 7th ranked team, FRC Team 78 Air Strike, to make an alliance with for the finals rounds. We also got the Judges Award, which is awarded to a team that the judges find exceptional but the reason for picking the team may not fit into any specific award category. The judges liked our robot design for the “vintage” features in it (we used some old techniques such as lead screws for the arm and dewalt transmissions for our drive base) and they saw our enthusiasm in the stands and in the pits. We are so thankful and grateful that they thought of us for this award!

Still, there is always room for improvement! Our next competition is the Championship event in Detroit, which we are able to attend because we have legacy team status from being an original FIRST Robotics team. Some small robot changes may be and we are looking to improve our strategy even more for this event since there will be about 100 teams in our division (600 teams total there!).

Keep checking back for those updates and for ways to watch us at the Detroit Championship April 26-28!



Thank you to all of our sponsors, especially Jabil/Nypro, the Clinton Schools, and the parents and mentors that continue to support our endeavors! We couldn’t do it without you!


Crunch Time!


February 8, 2018

The build season is coming to a close with only 13 days left to get the robot done and bagged. For our team, this means it’s crunch time to finish the first bot, but luckily, this year, it appears that we’re ahead of schedule! With our competition bot almost done, we have some extra time to tweak it and get some practice in with the actual robot and not the practice bot. On the other hand, the practice bot still needs to be built, which should be relatively easy given the first bot will be done.

Today also marks the first set of award submissions- the Chairman’s award and the Wood Flowers Awards are due by 3pm. The past few days have been filled with long days and nights trying to put the finishing touches on the Chairman award. The award submission is a combination of a 10,000 character essay and an executive summary that describes a teams impact on their community and the FIRST community, and a video that exemplifies the same concepts. In addition to this we finished the Woodie Flowers award, which is an award where students nominate and write about a deserving mentor on their team. We like to keep this a secret from the mentor until after the competition they’re nominated at to surprise them! Although these awards are sometimes tedious to complete, it is so rewarding when they do come together and are submitted, now we can breathe a sign of relief for a minute before we start finishing the team’s business plan!